Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Bear Hug

Thought you may like to see my bears, have been collecting them now over 10years, they love to sit together on my shelves.


Jenny said...

Hi Jill

Love the bears. They look very well behaved and so smartly dressed too. LOL Have you names for them all?

Lovely blogspot, luv Jen

Terry said...

Love your bears and its reminded me that my son put mine in the loft so must get him to get up there and get them down again.

I am just down the road from you the other side of Birmingham in Halesowen

Jilly said...

Sorry not been on blogger for a very long time since my old computer died on me. Am so glad you loved my bears they are smart aren't they Jenny, and Terry hope yours are now safely down from the loft. x